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Ranieri became the first German manager to win a Premier League debut, with five former Germany bosses missing.

 Ranieri became the first German manager to win a Premier League debut, with five former Germany bosses missing.

Photo: B/R Football
Photo: B/R Football

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has become the first German manager to win a Premier League debut.

Manchester United won the Premier League clash with Crystal Palace on Sunday thanks to a lone goal from midfielder Fred, and Ryan Giggs took over the reins of his coaching career.

Six German coaches, including Ranieri, have been in charge of the Premier League history, with five former Germany coaches failing to win their first Premier League debut.

In the Premier League, Ryan Giggs is currently coached by German side Yagan Klopp (Liverpool); Tuhel (Chelsea) is in charge and formerly Philip Marge (Fulham); Hansfield (Huddersfield) and Daniel Ferguson (Norwich) have been in charge.

According to Optajoe, the five German coaches failed to win their opening Premier League games.

The current Liverpool manager, Yagan Klopp, took charge of Liverpool in October 2015, and his first game was a goalless draw with Spurs.

Clapp started his third Premier League game with a 3-1 win over Chelsea.

Tuhel, who is currently in charge of Chelsea, took over from former Chelsea boss Lampard in January this year, with a goalless draw at home to Wolves in his first Premier League game.

United have won a goalless draw against Crystal Palace this season for the first time in all of their home games this season.

United have scored in each of their 11 pre-season home games against Crystal Palace this season. 

German coaches make their debut in the

         Premier League With only six German coaches in charge during the Premier League season, Italy (18); Spain (16); Portugal (13); This is significantly lower than coaches from other top European football nations, such as the Netherlands (12) and France (11).

    Coach Match     17-8-2015 Yagan Club

    Liverpool Spurs (0-0) Liverpool 

21-1-2021 Tuhel Chelsea Chelsea (0-0) Wolves

    9-8-2019 Daniel Farkel Norwich Liverpool (4-1) Norwich

    22-2- 2014 Philippe Gas Fulham ဝက်စ်ဘရွန်း (1-1) Fulham

    29-1-2019 yen pig Hart Phil Hart (0-1) Everton Phil

    5-12-2021 Grand sink Manchester United (1-0) Crystal Palace    

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