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"Uncertainty over Chelsea's ownership has hampered Chelsea's plans in the transfer market," said manager Thomas Moyes.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been banned from operating after Russia imposed sanctions on Ukraine following its invasion of Ukraine.

However, Chelsea have banned the signing of new players or the extension of contracts with current members.

Antonio Rudiger has been linked with a move away from Real Madrid after signing a new center-back at the end of his contract.

Defender Andreas Christensen, meanwhile, has been linked with a move to Barcelona after his contract expired in June 2023 and has been linked with a move to Tuchel before the start of next season.

In addition to the disappointing results for Chelsea, Chelsea have been linked with Arsenal and Manchester City strikers Gabriel Giuseppe and Hernandez, respectively.

Tuchel has made his promises, but Chelsea are waiting for the final bidder to be confirmed and the Premier League and the government have been clear.

"In a normal season, you're not sure, but we will have some targets and we will be able to contact some players and find out their situation," he said on Wednesday.

"of course, Now we can still hold talks in the building with our hands tied, but we can't. The situation is not good enough.

"A stable situation can be challenging enough, but we do not have it. Everyone is doing this for the first time. We will try to show our commitment and our enthusiasm.

"It's very important for me to deliver this letter - I keep my promise, I hope so, I'm passionate about it and I will try to get around as much as I can.

"In the long run, we can not compete. You can compete from time to time. You can compete in live matches.

"I am very happy with the structure and the spirit that Chelsea have given me."

"As you ask the question now, It is not difficult because you do not know what will happen. But for me, we have to keep the spirit of competition that has existed for more than a decade in the building.

"It's a little bit worrying and hopefully we can get over it."

Chelsea travel to third-placed Manchester United in the Premier League on Thursday, but they are 15 points adrift of leaders Manchester City.

Tuchel understands the huge reconstruction task that City and Liverpool will need to compete next season. This is a more difficult challenge due to the ongoing uncertainty.

Asked if City and Liverpool needed to face each other in the following campaign, Tuchel said: "It's cosmetic surgery. We have the same assets and we can not worry more if we can rely on our structure.

"This is questionable," he said. We are aware of the danger that the situation could get a little more complicated.

"Losing a player like Tony and losing another player like Andreas, and in today's world where their quality and the need for both of them can be in vain, can be complicated enough to lose that quality. Free for two key players.

Even if everything else exists, there may be enough demands. So this question could be a very demanding summer.

"I do not know if surgery is the right word for him, but I would like to say something positive and influential about it."

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