Getting married is a wonderful thing and a good reason to celebrate big. But doesn't life offer many, many more occasions that deserve to be celebrated?

Weddings are great. We take our time for weddings. We dress up if we want to, let ourselves be carried away by the mood and the love that is in the air, celebrate two people and the promise they make to each other on this day, enjoy delicious food, drinks, cake, music and Small or sometimes deep talk. Who would think “oh no” when they saw a wedding invitation in their inbox?

A wedding is especially great when it's our own. When we are the center of attention together with the person we love. When we can decide who's there, what to eat, what music is playing and where we're partying. When we are allowed to hand over the part of the preparations that we don't feel like doing to wedding planners or friends, and in the end everything still goes exactly according to our noses. Yes, everyone should wish to celebrate their own wedding like this. So the question arises: Why do we have to get married at all in order to celebrate a wedding?

After all, marriage is not the only way of life we can choose. While there are other good reasons to marry apart from the traditional reasons, there are equally strong motives not to marry at all. Never. Out of principle. Or not on principle. No matter why, marriage is not a must. But why should people who don't marry have to do without such a wonderful experience as their own wedding party? After all, life offers plenty of occasions to celebrate and we don't need to let conventions and traditions prevent us from appreciating them.

6 Occasions We Can Celebrate Like a Wedding — Other Than Marriage

Our 43rd birthday...

... Or any other ex-anniversary of our existence. The fact that we were born is incredibly lucky and a very special event for us personally. Once in a lifetime, we can really celebrate this event at least big. And since we're already about to break with convention: why should it be a milestone birthday? Let's just choose one on which it suits us, particularly well and we feel it's the strongest.

Our school leaving certificate

With our school-leaving certificate, we have more or less completed the compulsory program and move on to the part in which we can freely decide how to proceed – but in doing so, we assume responsibility for our lives. A drastic event that definitely deserves to be celebrated in a big way. If necessary, also afterwards, we are not in court here, a school leaving certificate does not become statute-barred.

A professional development

Whether it's a promotion, the step into self-employment or just a new job from which we expect a lot - for most of us the profession takes up so much space in life that it is perhaps best to accept and celebrate it. Especially when we take a significant professional step, it can be an occasion worth celebrating.

Our single status

If marriage warrants a big party, then, in an unbiased, bohemian society, so does being single. A single life can be just as fulfilling, happy, and loving as a marriage, so what's wrong with celebrating it in a big way.

A central relationship in our lives

Whether friendship, partnership, sibling relationship or love triangle: there are numerous types of relationships that we can choose or that can be far more important or suitable for us personally than marriage. What matters is that we have people in our lives who we love and who love us. Why should relationships with these people deserve less celebration than marriage?

recovery from an illness

Survived Breast Cancer? Clean for a year? Did you take the elevator for the first time despite being claustrophobic? Finally banished the scales from life? If milestones like this don't deserve a wedding celebration, priorities have shifted somewhere. Our health is one of the very thick pillars in our lives. When that pillar was wobbling or chipped and then regains stability and stands, it's like a rebirth or a new opportunity and definitely a cause for celebration.

What is it actually about

With all due respect to marriage and traditions, they are just an offer. And we can accept or reject that. Anyone who would like to have a wedding, but not get married can do so, just as people can get married without a big party. In any case, life offers enough occasions that can have just as great a meaning for us personally as the promise of staying together for life has for some couples. Traditions can be beautiful and connect. But if we don't find ourselves in it, we just do our own thing. And there are probably enough wedding planners who would be happy to support us.

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