Who doesn't know it: You want a long mane, but your hair just doesn't want to get any longer! Is it even possible to accelerate hair growth? We're going to answer that question here!

Can you speed up hair growth?

Natural hair growth takes place in a growth cycle and is genetically determined. On average, it grows about 1.2 centimeters per month, every year - only slight deviations can exist from person to person. As much as we sometimes get annoyed about the slow growth, unfortunately nothing can be done about it - and growth cannot be promoted by any means. But we still have one thing in our hands: we can support the formation of hair and also help to ensure that our hair stays beautiful and healthy and does not break off to become even shorter!

Hair growth: how does hair grow?

- Hair is made up of keratin. The hair papilla is located in the hair root, where keratin-rich horn cells are formed, which ultimately form the hair shaft, break through the skin surface and continue to grow. Each hair goes through its own cycle, in which it is in an active growth phase, a subsequent resting phase and finally a regression phase, which leads to rejection and the hair falls out.

- The growth phase is genetically determined and is three to seven years. In this phase, the hair grows 0.3 mm per day. The hair then enters a transitional phase in which the hair roots are no longer supplied with nutrients, becoming calloused within three weeks and entering the resting phase. In this phase, the hair loosens more and more and falls out within two to four months.

- There are also differences in hair growth depending on the season and the time of day. Hair growth is a little slower in winter and hair grows slower at night than during the day. In general, men's hair grows faster than women's.

What factors are important for hair growth?


Proteins are necessary for the formation of keratin. Omega 3 fatty acids make the hair shiny. Vitamin E is responsible for the health of hair follicles, copper provides pigmentation and silicon is responsible for strong hair. In short: A balanced and varied diet and a supply of vitamins and nutrients are the basic prerequisites for maintaining healthy hair!


Hair with split ends breaks off faster. So brittle hair stands in the way of our dream of a long mane! The right hair care is therefore the be-all and end-all for long hair. You can care for your hair with jojoba oil or coconut oil, for example, to prevent split ends. You can find out everything about coconut oil for hair here.


Our hormone balance controls the activity of hair growth. If the hormonal balance changes, this can lead to hair loss or hair regrowth is prevented. Hormone preparations, pregnancy or menopause can be responsible for this.


A healthy scalp is essential for hair growth: if sebum production is not in balance, this can negatively affect hair growth.

stress reduction

If we are under stress, the body sends out messenger substances that influence the hair growth regulation. Stress-related hair loss is also not uncommon!

Are there ways to make hair grow faster?

No miracle pill or tincture has been proven to noticeably boost hair growth. Some home remedies are only said to accelerate hair growth - if only to a small extent. These home remedies include, for example, caffeine, a decoction of herbs (rosemary, nettle) or apple cider vinegar.

While you can't make hair grow faster by massaging your head, you can indirectly positively impact hair growth by reducing stress and boosting sebum production. The best way to do this is to massage your head with some oil and let your fingertips gently circle over your head. This is not recommended for very greasy hair.

Are you interested in more tips and tricks for healthy hair? Here we explain how you can make a hair treatment yourself. Here you can find out how you can dye your hair naturally and here we explain about split ends.

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